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For the first time, ergonomic seating is portable, inconspicuous enough to use in public and exceptionally functional. Sitpack lets you enjoy all the benefits of portable resting without being a burden to bring along.

Imagine: if you could pop out a foldable seat when your back and knees start aching, watching your favorite sports, or band live in concert
Envision: not having to carry a clumsy chair with you when going hunting, fishing, bird watching or shopping with your better half …
Remember: standing in 2+ hour passport lines, or waiting for delayed transportation
NOW: picture this: Having a seat in your pocket which will help you stay focused and active, keeping you in eye height with your standing friends, while being inconspicuous enough for nobody to notice!

We want to keep production local, therefore molding forms, packaging and assembly are all being taken care of in the small, and happy kingdom of Denmark.


Why Sitpack?

It creates a cool means of relief for physical strain. It improves waste management at open-air events, where camping chairs being left behind is a major problem. It redefines existing portable seating and puts the user in a relaxed position that compliments relaxation and interaction.


“People leave stuff behind because it’s a nuisance to carry it with them. With Sitpack, you’ll not add to this increasing problem.”
- Jonas LB. CEO

The clear vision of Sitpack: creating a product that not merely looks great, feels great, but also inspires people to bring the Sitpack with them.
Wherever. Whenever. Bring a siTpack.



Sitpack embodies the positive outcomes of resting with the right posture. Correct resting increases blood circulation and thereby your focus. It soothes a tired back, and it will keep your energy levels higher throughout the day, while stimulating muscles and balance.

What is Good Posture?
- Keeping your back straight and your head high... Sitpack induce this posture which have several benefits:

  • Optimizes breathing and circulation.
  • Maintains the bones and joints in the correct alignment so the muscles are being used properly and efficiently.
  • Helps reduce or prevent the abnormal wearing of joint surfaces that could result in degenerative diseases, such as arthritis.
  • Decreases the stress on the soft tissues, such as ligaments, muscles, tendons and discs.
  • Prevents the spine from becoming fixed in abnormal positions.
  • Prevents fatigue as muscles are being used more efficiently, allowing the body to use less energy.
  • Prevents neck or back pain.
  • Prevents muscle fatigue.

The folding and telescopic technology is pat. pending and is the most advanced telescoping mechanism made for portable seating. The technology ensures high level of strength to size ratio, reliability and stability and is the first telescopic technology that allows all elements to be inside the largest element without overlapping.

size and measure


At only 16.8cm tall and 6.6cm in diameter, Sitpack is truly pocket-able, bag-able, and glove-compartment-able.


Polycarbonates are strong, stiff, hard, tough, transparent engineering thermoplastics which can maintain rigidity up to 140°C and toughness down to -20°C. Special grades even lower. The material is amorphous (thereby, displaying excellent mechanical properties and high dimensional stability), is thermally resistant up to 135°C and rated as slow burning. Special flame retardant grades exist which pass several severe flammability tests.



Sitpack comes in 5 colors! Drop us a line if your favorite is not among these, and we will do our utmost to include it in the next batch.

Construction mold

Behold the might of the imfamous Sitpack molds!

Construction machine


To make resting cool and inclusive, we had to reinvent and rethink a lot of telescopic mechanisms. We actually had to figure out a whole new way to make a collapsible product. Not an easy task.

We figured that the reason why any telescopic pod, mono or tripod has a limit to their collapsed size is due to the inner locking mechanisms. To solve this problem, we included the locking mechanisms inside the tube itself. Quite unique. And after going through hundreds of patents in related categories - both by our self and by other experts - it was clear that no one had done this before.

Why? - We ask our self that question to this day!

Nevertheless, talking to injection molding experts at plastic fairs and contacting injection-molding facilities around Scandinavia, it became clear that the task was quite complicated tooling and production wise.

SiTpack – Vs. traditional seating. Lighter, smarter, easier

We ended up with a really cool molding technique, that still permitted inner geometries. We are creating Sitpack exclusively with injection-molded parts, which permit high quality production, with complex geometries within each part.

The production demanded very sophisticated molding tools, which made the DFM (Design For Manufacturing) aspect one of the main challenges. The collapsible feature makes strength and stability an essential challenge. Creating a demanding product like Sitpack only from polymer material requires advanced calculations and stress analyses to ensure that shrinkage, polymer warping, creep and relaxation will not become issues. Therefore we have teamed up with the most skilled people in their respective fields and have worked hard to optimize the complex inner design to accommodate the manufacturing method. All this of course without compromising the strength, stability and the user-friendly design. The process has required heterogeneous engineering competences in statics, mechanics, polymer materials and injection molding tooling.

User involvement has led to

  • Lower strength input to collapse Sitpack
    (we are pretty strong guys, so it was quite gnarly in the begninning)
  • Improved touch and feel: From silky smoot to rugged anti-slip
  • Improved and clearified user guide and pictogrammes


We have made folding and unfolding super easy by decorating all moveable parts.

Visit our ‘How to’ page, complete with a snazzy video, that will take you on a detailed guided tour of how to open, adjust the height and securely lock your Sitpack.



We are not the first entrepreneurs that thought about the portability of seating and its many benefits. The first patent for foldable seating was filed back in the 17th century, so we must have come along way since then? Actually no, it is more or less still the same constructions as a hundred years ago. …until now.

With the Sitpack device, we have developed a revolutionary locking system. Until now no telescopic units provide the same level of compact performance as our design. The novelty lies in the engineering process, and finally, in the hands of our toolmakers. To make the miniature internal geometries in the parts for Sitpack, everything needs to be handled with meticulous precision and only the best in plastic injection molding can handle this task.